I have recently located some new resources for utilizing Blooms revised taxonomy during the instructional planning process. These resources were developed for the primary (k-8) level, but I think that they can help provide some planning ideas on the secondary level. I have included resources from different grade levels and subjects to hopefully provide ideas for student activities that would be appropriate for each level of Blooms. Hopefully, these resources will give you examples that you can use to create your own instructional activities for each level of Blooms in your classroom.

The following resources have been copied from the Kurwongbah State Primary School web site. Click the "Additional Resources" link below to see other ideas and resources.

Additional Resources

PowerPoint presentation

Posters for Each Level of Blooms Revised Taxonomy

One Page Poster

Conducting an Experiment Utilizing Blooms

Worksheet for Utilizing Blooms during the Planning Process

Christmas Activities for Each Level of Blooms

Exploring Insects with Blooms

Exploring Oceans with Blooms

Exploring Fractions with Blooms

Investigating a Book with Blooms

Exploring Movement with Blooms

Teachers may also want to view the Webb's Depth of Knowledge page to gain an greater understanding for teaching to higher levels of knowledge. These resources will help to avoid some misunderstandings of Bloom's taxonomy based on the emphasis of the VERB.